This method could cause revolution.

load = 8 ohm
  Measured with Wave Spectra
number of sample is 4096
 Hanning window

  The sound is clear and bright with confluent character . Soft and containing
much information .

  This character is near that of amplifier with epithaxially processed power devices.

Expressed with painting soft .Looks like this ..

 This will be finished with "japan" , and ornamented with " tsuba " made of


Normal amplifier and inverted ampllifier (Simulation)

  Inverted amplifier

Frequency response
  load=8 ohm

 Input C

  10 micro F is favorable.

  We can prospect the sound character to see the noise floor and harmonic
distortions when they don't clip yet.

  1kHz sine wave

  "Free concept amplifier" has excellent noise floor , and has 2nd harmonic

  Onkyo GX-20AX has no 2nd harmonic distortion.

  Though AYAME itself is an IC amplifier , it has exellent noise floor and several
2nd distortion .

  We tend to think that enormus amplifier having no distortion till it clips is an
evidence of exellent skill , but if we listen to it , it reveals to be only a giant eater .

 Narsis and AYAME

  Waiting for being finished with japan.

  4 month later , almost finished.

  LM308N has been inplemented .

(2005. 10)