1 Introduction

 2 Buy and then measure

 3 Craft it up !

 4 Minus impedance amplifier

 5 Simple MFB adaptor

 6 MFB-12F backloaded horn



MFB adaptor

 The recomformation plan of all amplifiers into AST amplifier

 Visualistic comprehension of MFB theory

 Control of resonnace is needed for Celibidache , the firearm is needed for Police(under construction)

Reading Q value from verocity waveform(basic) (under construction)

 Reading Q value from verocity waveform (applied) (under construction)

 Equalization I  (under construction)

 Equalization II  (under construction)

 Equalization III  (under construction)

 Equalization IV  (under construction)

The merit of currentoutput amplifier (under construction)

 Introduction to electromagnetic damping

Introduction to MFB (under construction)

 Introduction to Air damping (under construction)

 Introduction to speaker cable (under construction)