Craftwork speaker

KAMAKURA (FOSTEX FE103 vented system)

 KAMO (Tangband W3-315D vented system)
KUUKI NINJA II (Tangband W3-593SD vented system)  

IJUUIN (FOSTEX FF85K vented sysytem)

 AOI (Matrix system)


 Back loaded horn

Fostex FE203 back-loaded horn system
Super swan (under onstruction)


Onzow MFB20

 MFB-12F (under construction)  


Euro Unit 2 way system


 Study of AXIOM80 (under constructio)



FOSTEX FE83  under construction

 Fostex BC10 Full range system


 Periscope at Tiffani (under construction) under construction

 Refinement of the Periscope (under construction)

 Pioneer's edgeless fullrange

 Fostex FE168sigma compact bass-reflex

 Fostex FF125K (under construction) 

Victor's unit  under construction

 YAMAHA's unit under construction

 Powered mini monit vented system (underconstruction)

 Kuuki Ninja

 Measurement of Fostex FF85K vented system (under construction) 

Measurement of Fostex FF125K vented system (underconstruction)

 Measurement of Fostex FE83E vented system (under construction)

 Measurement of Fostex FE103E vented system (under construction) 

Measurement of Onkyo 8cm vented system (under construction)  


 Double vented system

A plan (underconstruction)  


Esoteric closed system under construction

 Esoteric closed system III under construction


New study of vented system (underconstruction)

 Design room(underconstruction)

 Gathering and indicate Q (underconstruction)

 Vented system is a firearm (underconstruction)

 A design for Fostex FE204 vented system (underconstruction)
Visualistic understanding of vented system (underconstruction)

 My speaker craft in 2003 (underconstruction)

 Lecture on FE130 (underconstruction)

 What is portable speaker for music use ? (underconstruction) 

Method of the design for vented system in foreign countries overseas (underconstruction)  

Horn is the instrument which operates the air precisely, vented system is the primitive musical instrument

 Introduction of division vibration (underconstruction)

 Mesuring with "My speaker" (underconstruction)

 Introduction of accelerating type MFB (underconstruction)  



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