History of FET amplifier

 Bipolar transistor for final stage

 What transistor should we use at second stage?
Recycled Reproducer 

Artwork by circuits

 The second step into audiocrafts

 Exercise to set bias (1)

 Drawing a graph of effect by current feedback

 The push-pull world

 Exercise to set bias (2)

 Audio principles in secret (under construction)

 Music note analysis and audio (under construction)

 Science of erectrical heating pot (under construction)

 Current imitater (under construction)

 First step of studying germanium transistor (under construction)

 Phase difference is read with lissajous (under construction)

 On the difference of sound (under construction)

 About the playback of original sound (under construction)

 Artwork by circuit II

 Lissajous collection (under construction)

 Virtual audition meeting (under construction)

 Ossilation of keel buffer (under construction)

 Suddenly linealized MOTOKO, she is .....  (under construction)

 SRPP circuit for proof (under construction)

 SRPP circuit for proof II (under construction)

 Linear approximate simulation for the person who adheres (under construction)

 Detail design of SRPP using 2SK79 (under construction)

 Bare face of bipolar MOTOKO (under construction)

 Magic? or Victory of amplifier technology impossible to explain (under construction)

 Recognition test of LM380 from 6BQ5 single (under construction)

 Introduction of amplificationology (under construction)