Craft amp



 Reiheishi series

 Katura series

 Yotazaemon series  (under construction)


 Narsis  (a new traditional craft amplifier)



 Tube Amp                       



MOS FET                         


Lo-D HMA 9500II

 Kaneta method's all FET power amplifier

 MOS-FET class A single power stage amplifier

 Other DC amplifiers

 Toshiba K1529/J200 DC poweramp

 Toshiba K405/J115 DC poweramp

 Hitachi K1297 single DC poweramp

 Hitachi K1297 SEPP DC poweramp




Kaneta method's V-FET all stage symmetrical amplifier

 Current positive feedback V-FET DC poweramp 

SIT single amplifier



Study of Kaneta method's bipolar symmetrical amplifier 

An amplifier in the near furture (under construction)

 Amplifier with epithaxial power devices (under construction)

 Strange feeling  (under construction)

 Trans impedance power amplifier (under construction)



Current operational amplifier

 Kanzen amp

 Kanzen amp III

 Kanzen amp classic

 ODNF power amplifier (under construction)

 D-NFB Power amplifier (under construction)

 ZDR power amplifier (under construction)

 FEED FOWARD power amplifier (under construction)

 Kanzen amp IV (under construction)

 Kanzen amp ODNF 

Discrete poweramplifier module I (under construction)

 Discrete poweramplifier module II (under construction)

 Discrete poweramplifier module IV(under construction)

 Free conception amplifier (under construction)

 Discrete poweramplifier module V-XIV (under construction)

 Design of module XIV (under construction)

 Ultra folower circuit

 Splendid is my local band current NFB   (under construction)

 Kabutogani I  (under construction)

 Kabutigani II (under construction)

 Kabutogani III (under construction)

 Current output


Too splendid is my current output amplifier with Local band NFB  (under construction)

 Current output amplifier II  (under construction)

 Entirely splendid is my local band current PFB  (under construction)

 Local band current PFB adaptor   (under construction) 


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